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hi! I'm ruth

this is my journey

Right after graduating with a Master's degree in 'plastic, visual and spatial arts: interior architecture' at La Cambre Arts Visuels in Brussels in 2018, I returned back to my home country Luxembourg. There I gained first professional experience at Mad Trix as a visual artist, designer and concept creator. Mad Trix is a young creative lab specialised in interactive installations and new media arts I co-founded with some friends.

Parallel to my activity at Mad Trix, I have worked for 3 1/2 years at the National Institute for Architectural Heritage. This experience has shaped my perspective on the importance of heritage and fuelled my consciousness on the emotional, local and environmental value of preowned buildings and objects.


Balancing between these two very contrasting and enriching practices, I decided – at the end of 2022 – to invest all my energy in my own design studio – or 'atelier' as I like to call it – an idea that has been floating around in my head since the beginning of my studies. 

ruth.atelier aims to create environmentally sensitive, long-lasting and delicate creations while focusing on an inclusive production process. My creative practice unfolds in a wide spectrum ranging from spatial, object and graphic design to concept development and beyond.

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