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les valeurs


convertible usage

socially responsible

inclusive production


natural + honest materials


fair and local production

la philosophie

ruth has a very thoughtful approach that allows her to analyse requests in depth in order to deliver the best possible, tailored product while staying true to her own signature style.

ruth puts in a lot of effort to make her creations as environmentally sensitive and long-lasting as possible. Her values are best translated in her furniture collection, where she has full control over the whole production process and the partners she is working with. 

Curious? Discover her first piece of furniture in the online shop ♥︎


ruth loves to use colour in her work.

her style could be described as a charming combination

of casual playfulness and delicate elegance.

in addition to the design services

ruth also offers the possibility

to buy some of her designs
in her online shop!

 is a multidisciplinary design atelier and
one-woman business run by ruth lorang. 
ruth offers services in a variety of creative fields
such as interior design, illustration,
product design, visual arts, i.a.
she likes to categorise them into 3 groups:

espace ✸ volume ✸ concept


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