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✸ anouk will soon be FOR SALE in my online shop ✸

The idea for anouk came from my sister - a design-conscious and eco-friendly mother - who was looking for an evolving changing table designed to grow with her child. The ideal would have been a multi-purpose piece of furniture that changes in function and is therefore suitable for her small flat. No single piece of furniture available on the market could meet her expectations in terms of aesthetics, sustainability and local production, so she decided to ask me to design something.

Changing tables are built for a specific need in a child's development, which usually lasts only two to three years, so this type of furniture usually has a fairly short life expectancy. Lengthening its use and therefore extending its life span minimises the impact on the environment. As soon as the baby no longer needs to be changed, the piece of furniture transforms seamlessly into a chest of drawers that can either stay in the nursery or be placed in another room. The colourful furniture, inspired by mid-century vintage design, is the perfect compromise between child-friendly design and elegant aesthetics. The natural materials and the local and inclusive production reflect the values of the product.

If you have any questions or would like to pre-order anouk, please feel free to contact me ♥

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