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The brief was to design the cover for the first issue of Forum_story magazine with 'drugs' as the theme. The following text, which ruth was asked to write, appeared in the magazine and explains the intentions behind the illustration.

'A man's head stares into space with wide open eyes. He seems stunned, hypnotised or at least not fully conscious. Parts of his skull lie on the floor like a broken vase. The enchanting colourful, gently rising smoke from his head suggests an explosion. On the one hand, it symbolises the expansion of consciousness, but at the same time self-harm. The crack pipe next to it explains the cause of the condition. The virtual space in which the scene takes place consists of grids, mental reference points, but it is completely distorted and illustrates the loss of the protagonist's sense of time and space. The slight retro touch of the cover blends several styles of psychedelic substance consumption from the past decades and does not reveal whether the subject of drugs is glorified or demonised.'

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