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la petite épicerie

la petite épicerie


private client

interior design •
logo design •
visual identity •
branding •

'la petite épicerie' is a grocery and wineshop in the heart of Bonnevoie in Luxembourg-City. Besides designing the bold and playful interior on the ground-floor and the elegant wine cellar in the basement (both matching the owner's personality), ruth designed the overall visual identity of the store.

' From the outside, a luminous sign revealing the name of the place with its round and friendly lettering catches the eye. As soon as you walk through the door, you enter a colourful world of red and green tones. The products are beautifully presented on shelves of the String Furniture’s brand. We also note a concern to personalise this place with custom-made wooden furniture, all curved, and painted in red and green colours. This interior decoration was imagined and thought out with the Luxembourg designer Ruth Lorang, the curves allowing the customers to follow the wave and let themselves be carried away by their desires during their visit. '
Kachen Magazine, 'la petite épicerie: anything but small!', 21.09.2022

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