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private client

concept development •
label design •
illustration •

orchard is not a "simple" wine, but a wine that tells a story: the story of a wine that takes a step towards the viticulture of tomorrow, patiently listening to the echoes of the past, in particular the family roots anchored in the winemaker's vineyard, respect for the soil and biodiversity.

My task was not only to design the labels for this series of Luxembourg wines, but also to convey the values behind the product in a poetic way. Each type of wine in the Orchard selection is intended to respond to a particular element of the family's orchard. This element is included with the purchase of a bottle and is reflected both in the design of the label and in the form of a poem on the back of the bottle.

The orchard can be tasted in a number of major Luxembourg establishments, such as Guillou Campagne, la Distillerie in Bourglinster, la Villa de Camille et Julien, Vinoteca, Traiteur Niessen, Osé Restaurant and les Rêves de Rasiguères.

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